Simple tips to help change the kitchen decor

Simple tips to help change the kitchen decor

In the past, the kitchen did not take its right to design home decorations, as the main focus was on the decor of the living room, reception, and bedrooms, but recently there has been an increase in interest in kitchen décor as the place where the housewife spends long hours, and for that, the designers have created designs It is dominated by simplicity and elegance at the same time, if you want, dear, to change the decor of your kitchen, below are some tips to help you achieve this.

Make use of spaces in the kitchen

When you decide to change the decor of your kitchen, you must first think about how you can take advantage of the spaces available in it, it is known that the kitchen is a place that contains a lot of things such as the refrigerator, the cooker, the washing machine, the dishwasher, the food cabinets, etc., try to know how to distribute them in the way that you want. Provides you with more free spaces.

Use cabinets or shelves

If your kitchen area is large, you can use the cabinets that are installed on the walls and the bottom of the water faucet and then arrange the things inside them, as they will help organize your kitchen, but if the kitchen area is small, it is preferable to use metal or wooden shelves, place the items on top to create small spaces It gives an illusory feeling of the large size of the space.

Paint with ceramics instead of wallpaper

It is not good to use wallpaper to decorate the kitchen because the water vapor rising from cooking the food makes the kitchen a humid environment and this causes cracks and tears in the paper, so it is preferable to use paint in addition to ceramics, where the latter can be placed on floors and on parts of the walls, and it is known that ceramics are easy Cleaning is what makes it very suitable for the kitchen.

Choosing colors depending on the size of your kitchen

The process of choosing a paint color requires a lot of care, for example, if your kitchen area is small, it is preferable to choose light colors such as cyan, citrus, beige, and sugar colors, as it gives a sense of the space of the place, but if your kitchen area is large, it is okay to use dark colors. Take into account the overall design of the home when choosing a color.

Get rid of unnecessary things

Most kitchens contain a lot of unnecessary things and perhaps things that you have not used for years, such as pots, old utensils, etc., get rid of them because they cause crowding in the place and take large areas of the kitchen and this hinders the process of choosing a new decor, but if you need some, try to Arrange them in a way that reduces the amount of space they take up.

Choosing kitchen decor according to your space

The kitchen space plays a key role in choosing the general decoration, as the narrow space requires you to put a folding table or a small table in which chairs can be inserted, either if the space is large, it is okay to put a large table next to it with a cupboard to arrange dishes and silverware used during eating.

Rectangular lighting instead of large chandeliers

Chandeliers give an aesthetic appearance, but they are not suitable for the kitchen because most of them are huge in size and need large areas, and food and oil vapor accumulates on them, which makes cleaning them a difficult task, and for that, it is better to decorate the ceiling of your kitchen with rectangular spots facing directly on the floor as they provide strong lighting, as well as they are easy Cleaning.

Comprehensive touch

Make your kitchen more lively by using bold colors to paint, choose ceramics with modern patterns, and buy new pots and dishes, towels, and accessories, provided that all of them fit with the general decor of the kitchen, and there is nothing wrong with decorating the kitchen with natural plants and flowers, as it gives a beautiful look to the decor.

The kitchen is an essential corner of the house, so it must be taken care of with its décor, so do not hesitate, dear, to use the previous tips, as it will make your kitchen decor simpler and elegant.

Important tips for neat and tidy home decor

The house occupies an important place in a person’s life, as it is the place where he spends most of his time, and it is the place where he feels comfortable, reassured, safe, and in order to enjoy more of the comfortable and calm atmosphere of your home, we recommend that you adhere to a set of simple tips that will make your home elegant and tidy.

Coordinating the curtains

Curtains play an important role in coordinating and arranging home décor, so you have to choose them carefully and precisely in line with the size and coordination of the rooms, and you also have to pay attention to some important things, such as choosing light-colored curtains to add vitality to the atmosphere of the house and to allow sunlight to enter the rooms, in addition to For your choice of a soft fabric that interacts with the outside air.

Coordinate pillows

Pillows help to give the rooms an elegant and funky look, but in case they are inconsistent with the decor of the house, they will affect its elegance in general, so we recommend that you choose patterned and ornate pillows with consistent colors.

Paint colors

It is necessary to coordinate the house paint colors in line with the size and breadth of the rooms and with the height of the ceilings, so if the rooms are small with low ceilings, you should choose light paint colors and contain some visual tricks that make the rooms appear larger than their real size, but if the rooms are spacious You can choose dark colors and coordinate them beautifully.

Use of shelves

In the event that the house is small, you will definitely need special shelves to put some items and antiques on them, provided that these shelves are coordinated and hung on the wall beautifully and coordinated.

The narrow corridors

In order to give the rooms of the house, especially the living rooms, wide areas for ease of movement and exit, you should not make them difficult corners and obstacles, and you must also make the room corridors open and wide.

Don’t increase the number of antiques

Antique help give the house a special elegance and a distinctive touch that makes it different from other homes, but on the condition that they are used and placed in a correct manner, for example, you should not put too many antiques that make the house appear chaotic and not put antiques that are not consistent with the colors of the house and the way the furniture is coordinated.

Don’t use conflicting colors

To make your home elegant and tidy, you must move away from conflicting colors and choose colors that are consistent with each other, such as paint colors, curtains colors, furniture colors, and antique colors.

Attention to flowers and plants

Nothing can add a distinctive elegance to the house more than flowers and plants, so you have to pay attention to this topic and make sure to place plants intended for decoration around the rooms, in addition to placing natural flowers in coordination commensurate with the size of the rooms.

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