Selling a House: 5 Smart Tips To Increase Your Home Value

Selling a House: 5 Smart Tips To Increase Your Home Value

Actually, it is difficult to determine a home’s precise rate as it is based on belongings that are always changing, for example, how many homes are on being sold in your area, how many buyers are in search of a home, and inflation. Thus, selling a house can be a little stressful.

In my case, when I decided to sell my house, I had to meet many property agents to find out the actual worth of my home. When I find the real worth of my home I tried to increase my home value by renovating my home and adding some new features.

If you want to boost your home value and increase the confidence that your home will worth for top dollar, you need to just follow these pro tips and tricks.

Staging Home

When you want to sell a home, the first thing you need to do is to make your home more attractive to potential buyers. Here you need the home staging. Home staging is a way to highlight your home’s most significant belongings and help the visitor visualize themselves living there. It is absolutely a great selling point to increase your home value.

According to 22% of seller’s agents, staging a home literally increased the dollar value of a home by 1-5% compared to a similar home. While 17% of seller’s agents said staging increased home value by 6-10%. For example, if your home worth $300,000, the home staging will increase your home value by $3,000-30,000.

It doesn’t mean to go crazy and spent thousands of dollars on home staging. You can invest money on the project only if you enjoy the changes, even if they don’t increase your home value.

While smarten up your home, you have to select the home places which should be modernized. Some common home places which should be staged are the living room, kitchen, dining room, and bedrooms.

For example, for adding beauty into your kitchen you can update some appliances, countertops, flooring, cabinets, and sinks. A small kitchen staging may cost $23,000, which will add more than $18,000 to your home value.

Add More Space

Most people tend to buy a bigger home, and the extensive homes sell for more dollars. So, adding more space to your home can increase its value. Take a look around your home, you may find some walls and open spots to make your home look broader. Look for a place where having a bathroom would make things easier.

Keep in mind that home overhauls be likely to cost you more than the sale value. For instance, if you want to add a minor bathroom with a nice sink, toilet, and shower stand. It will add about $29,000 to your home value while adding a new bathroom could cost you about $48,000. Thus, you may not get back all the money you spent on renovations. However, that is still over and above 60% return, which is not bad if you plan to live in the home for a time and enjoy the new belongings. You just need to ensure that the space you add to increase your home value is commendable to you and your budget.

If your home worth $200,000 and you spent $48,000 to add more space, it would increase your home worth to $229,000. But if you sold out your home just after getting the renovation done, you would get a loss of $19,000. Instead, if you want to live in your home for a while, it will make enough to return you. So if you sell your home after living 8 to 10 years, you would get back almost double of the loss.

However, if you have a Mobile home Park for sale, you can get enough return by selling small pieces of land. You can provide inexpensive housing for low-income people, or sell your mobile home park units to investors. They will lease each unit to residents.

Add Smart Gadgets

People are getting more fascinated in homes that include smart appliances and gadgets. So, if you want to increase your home value, you need to install some technology gadgets in your homes like smart thermostats, smart carbon monoxide detectors, smart security cameras, smart lock, smart fire detectors, and smart lighting, etc. All these gadgets will make your home a smart home that likely attracts every visitor.

So, whenever you visit the electronic store, start finding your technology gears. You may find a cheap deal to modernize your home with smart gadgets. This will give you great advantages as well as increase your home value in the market.

Maintain Things To Attract Buyers

Selling a House: 5 Smart Tips To Increase Your Home Value

Low-maintenance is fascinating, especially for young buyers. Most buyers want comforting homes with slight maintenance required and no big repairs on the horizon. They like to have a pre-owned home with all the required facilities and charm. They always look for efficient and good condition belongings. The fragile security, old appliances, and aged carpet can be a deal-breaker, so you should renovate everything before inviting a visitor.

Repair The Broken Things

A home with no bigger repairs always attracts a buyer. Scary issues like leaking roof, water damage, and older HVAC unit might be on top of your repairing list. These issues can switch off your buyer power. So it is important to repair all things to maintain your home value.

The notable damages such as leaking roofs can cause your home to hold on the market for long. However, repairing is demanding on your financial capabilities. If you don’t afford to repair big damages, you can ask your agent to sell your home as it is.

The Bottom Line

If you want to sell your home, but not sure what your home worth, you should check competing house prices being sold in the market. You can also search for sold house prices on the internet. If you want to know for what price houses are sold in your area, you should search for sold house prices near your area. This way you will absolutely find the real value of your home.

Remember not to spend too much money on your home staging and maintaining process, even if you have ample dollars. You should maintain your home building, home appliances, and home features. Your home staging plan will make more buyers willing to submit buying offers, and set the maximum selling price of your home.

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