Method Of Cleaning And Polishing Marble

The marble that is placed on the floors of the house reflects the beauty and elegance of the house, and as a result of walking on it daily or for any other reason, the marble may be contaminated or accumulate dust and dirt on it, and it needs to be cleaned, cleared and polished periodically in the correct manner. In order for it to come back free of dirt, and return to its luster again.

How to clean and polish marble?

It is imperative for one to clear and polish the marble on the floors of the house whenever the need arises, by following many methods, and we mention the following:

Cleaning marble

Marble is considered a beautiful limestone, and it combines with natural elements to form a relatively soft material with different colors, and there are many things that must be followed when clear and properly cleaned, and we mention the following:

    Clean and wipe marble frequently and periodically, and it must be noted that marble stains form quickly, and many hot or cold drinks may be spilled on them, so they must be cleaned immediately and not wait much to clean them.

    Wipe the marble with a soft cloth and put warm water on it, to clean dust and small spills, and you should not rub the marble hard. To avoid scratching it, rather pass the cloth over it without pressing on the marble, and move the cloth in a circular motion over the stains that need a little pressure until it is permanently removed.

    Wipe the marble after cleaning it directly with another soft, dry cloth; To dry it and prevent the accumulation of stains.

    Use natural soap or marble detergent for a deeper cleaning, and if dust or dirt accumulates on it and on granite as well, by putting a little dish soap in warm water, and using a soft cloth to clean the marble, and drenching it with soap and marble, and it is necessary to rub it with soap and water. Vinegar should never be used in cleaning marble, as it leads to corrosion. Rather, it is recommended to use hydrogen peroxide in cleaning marble.

    Use the chamois cloth made of soft cloth in the process of drying the marble after cleaning it well.

    Remove the stains that may accumulate on the marble, but you must first follow safety measures by wearing a muzzle, and then mix baking soda with water, and put the mixture on the stained patch, cover the area with a plastic wrap and leave it for four hours And wipe the area with a damp cloth, and the process can be repeated if the stains persist. It should be noted that hydrogen peroxide can be used to remove the stains with the same method of baking soda mentioned, and make sure that the color of the marble is not dark in order to avoid any damage.

    Cornstarch can be used to remove grease from the marble, by spraying a little of it on the grease, and leaving it for twenty minutes until the marble absorbs it, and then wiping the area with a damp cloth very carefully.

Polishing marble

After cleaning and clearing marble from dirt and stains, one must polish it in order to appear more beautiful and shiny, and there are many methods used in polishing, and we mention the following:

    Using the method of sanding marble, just as wood is sanded by buying sanding paper after applying polishing preparations on the marble, and until the surface becomes smoother, and this process can be stopped depending on the color, pattern, shape, and texture that one wants to use very carefully. So that better results are obtained.

    Use the polishing compound for the embossing on the marble, to polish the traces of the wrong cleaning of it, or as a result of using the wrong detergents or the accumulation of stains, and rub the marble by placing the compound on a clean piece of cloth with great care.

    Avoid using harsh or acidic cleaners, and use the polisher for the type of marble present and apply it to a clean and soft piece of cloth. Stains and marbles must be cleaned as mentioned in the previous paragraph before starting the process of polishing the marble tape around another area.

    Clean the entire surface after polishing it with special detergents, and place it on a clean piece of cloth and scrub the marble with caution and care.

    Use a special polishing compound, and put it on the appropriate place, not a condition that it is applied to the entire marble, but rather piece by piece, and that it is placed on a soft and clean cloth and rubbing the marble very carefully, and after that, the excess must be cleaned from the place to be polished, and after finishing The marble is to dry before the sealant is applied, and it is worth noting the need to put the sealant material in the spray bottle and you can add water to it as well, and let the sealant dry for a period of 10 to 20 minutes, and then dry the area.

    Wait for a period of about 6 to 8 hours, and avoid placing anything on the marble before this time and before it dries completely.

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