Ideas to renovate decor And pick up the right paints

 Ideas For Changing Home Decor On Your Own

Home decor designs change over the years, so every year new modern designs appear, and this is what makes us see that home decor has become old and does not fit our modern life, so we feel bored of it and an urgent desire to change it, but it is no secret to anyone that changing the decor needs a huge budget and most people do not have money Sufficient for this matter, experts in the field of decoration design found the solution and provided you with some ideas to change the decor of your home on your own without needing a lot of money.

Decorate your home with plants

If you love nature, you can decorate your home with green plants and colorful flowers, and it is better for you to place them in the living room, on the balconies, in the dining room or at the entrance to the house, the flowers will merge with the different plants to form a unique painting, and this beautiful view will help you feel Comfortable and psychological calm.

Put lamps with dim light

Dim lights have become an essential part of modern designs, you can distribute dim lights on the corners of rooms and above the masterpieces, and do not forget to put dim lights in the bedrooms to give them a romantic atmosphere, but make sure that the color of the lamp matches the color of the furniture so that your home is elegant and beautiful.

Switch between rooms in the house

This method does not cost you money, so all you have to do is change the rooms of the house, for example, make the bedroom a living room, the living room a bedroom, and so on, and then arrange the furniture in a different way, this will give some change to your home decor and you will not feel monotonous and bored after today.

Change floors

When the options are coupled with a small budget, the matter becomes a little difficult, especially if you are thinking that changing floors, then changing them is very expensive, but if you use carpet you will not spend a lot of money and you will at the same time get the required change, as well as carpet, gives elegance and luxury to the home, but be sure to That its color matches the color of the furniture.

Put the paintings on the walls

The paintings add luxury and vitality to the home decor and give you the required change, and in order to get a distinctive decor, you must choose the paintings and pictures that match the contents of each room, taking into account the consistency of colors between the painting and the general decoration of the house and do not forget to distribute the paintings in a consistent and elegant manner.

Distribute art objects differently

Artifacts are the magic key to highlight the beauty and elegance of the home decor, so redistribute art objects differently and do not forget to take into account the size of the masterpiece with the available space. To put the antiques of small sizes, and to be satisfied with three pieces in one room.

If you want to change the decor of your home yourself at the lowest costs, follow the previous methods, as they will make your home more modern, elegant, and beautiful.

How to choose paint colors for your home?

The color of the paint is an essential and complementary part of the beauty and elegance of the home, so choosing the color of the paint is one of the most important steps that a person must take into account when painting or preparing his home, through the following lines we will introduce you to the most important tips that must be adhered to while choosing home paint colors.

Choose home furniture before paint colors

When you start planning to change the color and furniture of your home, or when you want to equip your new home, we recommend that you choose home furniture before you choose paint colors, in order not to be bound by fixed paint colors and choose furniture that you do not like.

Pick up colors according to the area of the house

This step is one of the most important steps that you must take into account while choosing to paint your new home, as you must take into account the size and area of ​​the house, that is, choose light colors if the house is small, such as choosing white or beige, with the possibility of introducing some soft decorations in other appropriate colors Light brown, or orange.

Light colors in rooms that don’t reach sunlight

You should also, dear, take into account while choosing to paint the house an important point, which is the extent to which the natural lighting of the room reaches, meaning that there are some rooms in the house that the sun’s rays may not reach significantly, and here you should choose light colors to paint these rooms instead of dark colors.

Choose colors depending on the ceiling high

The height of the ceiling of the room plays a key role in choosing the room’s colors, for example, if the ceiling is high, you should choose a dark color for it, taking care to choose light colors for the walls, and vice versa, that is, if the ceiling is low, you must choose the light color for it and the dark color for the walls.

Colors according to room type

Each room of the house must be subject to a set of rules that must be adhered to during the choice of home paint, for example:

For the bedroom, you should choose colors that bring comfort to the soul and help you relax and sleep comfortably, such as blue and green.

As for the living room, you have to choose the colors that make you feel energetic and lively, such as red and yellow.

As for the dining room, we recommend that you choose some colors that help open the appetite, such as red and yellow.

And the children’s room must have very calm colors in order to help children sleep comfortably, such as green, blue, and purple.

Finally, the color of the kitchen paint must be used in warm colors such as green, yellow, and blue.

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