How To Decorate the balcony in the bedroom?

The bedroom provides us with space to rest and sleep. If the space is too small, it will give people a very uncomfortable feeling. The terrace in the bedroom is very beautiful, you can feel the beauty of nature in the morning or before going to bed. If you take the design that the bedroom and the balcony are connected, it will be perfect. Now a lot of people at home and bedroom balcony is closely linked, So how fitting balcony in the bedroom it?

How appropriate decoration in the bedroom balcony?

• Create a stylish space, balcony, not only can increase the light transmittance of the bedroom, but also has a wide range of decoration purposes in the bedroom with balcony decoration knowledge. In the bedroom with balcony decoration, the owner can create different bedroom with balcony decoration styles through different decoration methods. The balcony is connected to the living room, which can expand the usable space of the living room. At the same time, the installation of floor-to-ceiling windows to separate from the outside can also obtain better privacy and decorative effect; the balcony becomes a study room, because the small apartment has a small indoor area, generally there is no separate If you connect the balcony with the bedroom, the balcony can become a brand new study.

• Make the space more practical. The bedroom with balcony decoration has many decoration styles. In addition to the stylish bedroom with balcony decoration knowledge, the owner can make the balcony a practical place. The balcony becomes a storage room. If the balcony is connected to the kitchen, it is good to set a storage cabinet at the corner of the balcony to store vegetables, fruits or unused items, etc.; the balcony becomes a bathroom, the so-called balcony becomes a bathroom , It’s not to wash your face here, but to move housework such as cleaning rags, washing mops, and drying clothes from the bathroom or kitchen to the balcony, so that not only can these usually wet products enjoy the sun, but also save the bathroom space. This kind of bedroom with balcony decoration knowledge is suitable for every small apartment owner.

• Enjoying the balcony without scenery is an important way for modern small high-rise buildings to communicate with the outside world. Sometimes, we can completely abandon those bedroom decorations with balconies, and simply turn it into a “secret garden”. Abandon the traditional bedroom with balcony decoration knowledge, turn the balcony into a leisure area, as an extension space from indoor to outdoor. The balcony is a place for the house owner to get rid of the enclosed indoor environment, breathe fresh air outside, and relax in the sun. Therefore, you can relax on the balcony It is good to plant some green plants and flowers, not only to decorate the walls, but also to health.

Matters needing attention on how to decorate the balcony in the bedroom-quality?

Before the balcony renovation, the quality of the balcony must be determined, because the packaging quality of the balcony will determine everything. It is like comparing the aluminum alloy windows on the balcony with the same doors and windows on the wall. The quality of the aluminum alloy windows on the balcony is definitely much higher than the latter. Since the location of the balcony is exposed to wind on several sides, its bearing capacity is much greater than that of ordinary windows.

Therefore, the packaging problem of the balcony should be considered before the balcony remodeling the bedroom. If the balcony is not well sealed, it will leak in winter, and the house will be cold to death; if it is windy, it will get dust everywhere; therefore, the balcony packaging must be of good quality, otherwise , Other transformations are just empty talk.

How to decorate the balcony in the bedroom-heat insulation?

Usually when we decorate the balcony, because there is a balcony door and window inside the balcony that can play the role of heat insulation, many people basically do not consider its heat preservation problem . But if we want to renovate the bedroom, then we put forward requirements for the insulation of the balcony. We must make an insulation layer. For example, use polystyrene board to make an insulation layer under the balcony window, or use rock wool to make one under the balcony window. Insulation layer, insulation material must be used to add an insulation layer to the balcony wall, which can cut off the exchange of hot and cold air indoors and outdoors. In this way, if it is transformed into a bedroom, it will not be very painful to live on the balcony.

How to decorate the balcony in the bedroom-daylighting?

Now that you decide to decorate the bedroom balcony, you must consider a lighting requirement for people in the balcony bedroom activity, because we can’t live in a dimly lit place every day, bedroom balcony After the decoration is completed, a piece of glass lighting belt should be added on the inner wall where one person is high, and stained glass can also be used, which is conducive to lighting.

Modern people generally pay attention to the style of decoration when decorating. What kind of style has a decisive effect on the overall home decoration. And every detail of decoration is inseparable from the style of decoration.

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