How to clean oven glass?

The front end of the oven is usually made of glass, and this glass is exposed to great dirt, due to the steam produced by cooking food, grease, and oils, and if these stains are not cleaned as soon as they occur, this will lead to their accumulation over time, and it will become difficult to remove, so care must be taken On cleaning gas oven glasses continuously, and in this article, we will mention the best ways to clean gas oven glasses.

How to clean oven glass?

Use white vinegar

It is recommended to follow a set of steps to clean oven glass with white vinegar, including the following:

Open the oven door completely while it is cold.

Pour a quarter cup to half a cup of white vinegar over the oven glass, until all the dirt is covered.

Leave the vinegar on the dirt for an estimated 10-15 minutes.

Wipe off the vinegar with a clean piece of cloth.

Wipe the glass with a paper towel.

Moisten a sponge with hot water, and dip it in a bowl of baking soda, in case the dirt has not completely removed in the previous steps.

Wipe and scrub the dirt from the oven window with the sponge, as the baking soda helps loosen the dirt and does not scratch the glass.

Wash the sponge and re-dip it in baking soda and continue cleaning the glass, until all the dirt is removed.

Use a damp cloth to wipe the baking soda off the glass.

Dry the oven glass with a paper towel.

Use lemon juice

There are a set of steps that must be followed to clean the oven glass with lemon juice, and they are as follows:

Remove dirt and dust, and clean glass as usual.

Put lemon juice on a sponge or soft cloth, and clean the glass with it.

Leave the lemon juice for several minutes.

Rub the area with hot water, to get rid of the traces of lemon juice, and repeat the process if necessary, then wash the glass and clean it as usual.


There are a set of steps that must be followed to clean oven glass with ammonia, and they are as follows:

Fill a spray bottle with ammonia, and spray the oven glass with ammonia.

Leave the ammonia for about 10 minutes on the glass, then clean the glass with a non-abrasive cleaner for the glass.

Wipe the glass with tissue paper; To remove ammonia residues.

Use baking soda

A set of steps can be followed to clean the oven glass with baking soda, including the following:

Mix baking soda with water in a 1: 3 ratio, and stir until the soda dissolves.

Open the oven and cover the oven door glass from the inside with the resulting mixture.

Leave the mixture on the glass for a period of about a quarter of an hour, as the baking soda mixture reduces the dirt on the oven glass.

Scrub the glass with the rough side of the sponge, as the rough side of the sponge helps to reduce the maximum amount of food debris.

Clean the sponge and wipe off the baking soda mixture, and continue to wash the sponge, wipe off traces of baking soda, and dry the area.

Use window cleaner to make the glass cleaner, by spraying it on a paper towel and wiping the glass.

Cleaning tough stains from oven glasses

There are a set of steps that can be used to clean tough stains from oven glasses, and they are as follows:

Heat the oven at a temperature of 37 to 51 degrees Celsius, and when it reaches the required temperature, it must be turned off, and open the oven door until it cools, as heating tough food particles and stains help to clean it.

Spray the hot glass of the oven somewhat with a special oven-safe cleaner.

Close the oven door for about five minutes, then clean it with a damp sponge.

Wipe and clean the oven with circular motions; To get rid of food debris.

Wipe the oven glass with a clean, damp sponge, and use a clean towel or cloth to dry the oven glass.

A straight razor can be used to scrape and remove food debris if it is difficult.

Electric oven glass cleaning

How to clean electric oven glass?

Dismantling the electric oven door helps to clean it well, but that may cause the warranty to be canceled with the need for a maintenance technician to re-install it or repair any damage that may occur. The oven glass can be cleaned through the following:

Get the help of a service technician to disassemble the door.

Use regular glass cleaner to get rid of as much food residue as possible.

Use an oven cleaner to get rid of stubborn stains and sticky food debris.

Asking the service technician to return the door to its place.

Cleaning electric oven glass from stubborn stains

Stubborn stains can be removed from the electric oven glass by following the following steps:

Turn on the oven until its temperature is between 51-37 ° C, then turn it off.

Open the oven door and leave it for a minute until it cools slightly.

Spray the oven door with a safe-to-use window cleaner on the oven glass, with the spray covering the glass without gathering on it.

Close the oven door for 5 minutes.

Open the oven door and rub it with a kitchen sponge or a wet scrubbing sponge in circles to get rid of stuck-on food debris.

Wipe the glass with a clean, damp sponge, then dry it with a clean, dry cloth.

How to keep the electric oven clean?

After cleaning the electric oven, it can be preserved and avoided by being dirty with grease and grease by following the following tips:

Put meat, fish, or vegetables in roasting bags to avoid spills and stains.

Fill a heat-resistant container with water and place it in the oven upon completion of its use, and heat it on a high temperature for 20 minutes, then wipe the inner surfaces of the oven to remove the dirt from them.

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