How to choose the right furniture for your home?

To be a place of refuge and well-being, the house must reflect, both from an aesthetic and an emotional point of view, those who live there. If this affinity were to be lacking, we would find ourselves living in an environment that is not in harmony with our personality and habits.

For this reason, for the design of the interior, one should not proceed by groping but choose to follow a particular style, which reflects oneself as much as possible , an effective strategy to avoid gross errors in the composition of the furniture and to enjoy your home with pleasure. .

Everyone has their own favorite style: there are those who are more creative and those who appreciate the classic more, those looking for the most sought-after detail, those who pursue the simplest thing.

Let’s see what are the most common furnishing styles and which of them can be right for you!

Most popular furnishing styles

There are many furnishing styles, some very sensitive to the coming and going of fashions, others much more rooted and strong, capable of evolving and resisting the passage of time. The classic, Nordic or Scandinavian, modern, industrial and minimal styles are today the most widespread and appreciated, but what are their characteristics and why prefer one over the other? Here it is explained!

Characteristics of Industrial furniture

The industrial style of furniture is highly appreciated among the new generations, often influenced by films and TV series. It is precisely in these contexts, especially in overseas productions, that more and more locations are seen with an urban and city look furnished in full industrial style. In fact, the origin of this style dates back to America in the 1950s, when houses were created in sheds and buildings of old abandoned factories.

In Italy it is very difficult, if not impossible, to recreate a house in a true industrial style; very high ceilings, floor to ceiling windows and exposed systems would be needed. However, you can work on the furniture to transform a house into a perfect example of industrial style.

The inevitable elements in an industrial style furniture are:

Surfaces and walls rough or worked so that they look like it, with uniform smooth concrete or coated with resins or ceramics with a concrete or wood effect.

Mainly dark colors tending to cold, the blacks and grays typical of metal and concrete , alongside the warmer shades of wood and brick .

The choice of materials for the furniture must fall on wood, metal , and for sofas and armchairs, leather is the top. Green light also to vintage furniture .

industrial wall shelving

Pipe design wall bookcase

Why furnish in an Industrial style?

The industrial style is rough and a little spartan, but it can be the ideal choice for furnishing a modern loft … But also to create a home that is a bit unconventional and with a strong personality .

Features of Nordic / Scandinavian furniture

One of the main characteristics of the Nordic or Scandinavian style is the prevalent use of light colors, mainly white. It is nature that has dictated this “rule”, precisely because in Scandinavia, for most of the year, the hours of daily light are scarce and the light colors help to diffuse natural light into the house . The Scandinavian style is the typical choice of highly practical people, with always clear and rational ideas.

The main rules to follow to furnish in the Nordic style

the use of light and light tones and pastel shades , especially beige and white. Use hardwood floors, such as bleached woods or oak. It is also possible to use these colors for the exposed beams on the ceiling.

It is essential to create a sense of comfort and warmth through the use of materials such as natural or bleached wood for furniture, floors and ceilings, and raw fabrics.

To favor functional furniture , therefore with simple shapes and preferably natural and ecological materials .

Scandinavian style white wood chair

Wooden chair T-Milano

Why furnish in a Nordic / Scandinavian style?

A house furnished in a Nordic style is a light and airy house , a functional but at the same time welcoming home. Furnishing in a Nordic style also means doing it in a sustainable way, respecting nature.

Minimal furniture features

The minimal style was born in the 60s and its main feature is, as the name suggests, essentiality . The Minimal style highlights the design of the few and simple furnishings inserted, favors their practicality and distances itself from all that is excessive and redundant.

Here are some tips to follow to furnish your home in a minimal style

choose furniture that is as functional as possible and with minimal bulk so as not to burden the environment too much.

Use soft, light colors and add contrasting notes, such as a hint of black over white .

Use modern materials , as simple, solid and durable as possible. The most used are lacquered wood, glass and metal.

retractable folding desk

Plana retractable desk

Why furnish in a Minimal style?

The minimal style is perfect to eliminate the superfluous , the useless frills and focus attention on the importance of the essential. It is effective when you want to give brightness to an environment or highlight a particular piece of furniture.

Characteristics of classic / rustic furniture

The classic is a style of furniture timeless , able to always exercise great appeal. The classic furnishing style is immune from fashions, transmits value and refinement, but also hospitality and warmth. The materials of this style are strictly natural : wood, stone, marble, wrought iron and glass. An important role is played by fabrics, therefore space for draperies, curtains and decorated coverings on chairs and sofas, but also for accessories such as crystal chandeliers, silverware and porcelain.

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