Designing Simple Decor For Your Home

People tend to choose a simple décor for their homes in order to give a modern, modern feel to it, and simple décor makes the home dwellers comfortable and energetic, unlike the complex decor that relies on prominent ornaments and huge details, as it is dispersed and lost despite its beauty, if you are looking for my dear Simple and elegant decor for your home. Continue reading this article. We will provide you with some important tips to help you achieve this.

1. Painting the walls

The process of choosing wall paint requires a lot of precision, as there are a number of points that you must consider:

If your home has a small area, choose light colors such as white, beige, cyan, and light yellow, but if its area is large, you can choose darker colors.

If you choose more than one color to paint the walls, make sure they are of the same shades or match each other, and do not forget that the house paint matches the color of the furniture and furniture.

2. Wallpaper

Many people prefer wallpaper over paint, some put it completely or partially on the wall, and in any case, you must adhere to the following points when using it:

If you are looking for simplicity, it is better to choose plain wallpaper or have soft patterns, and you must also take into account that the color of the paper matches the color of the home furniture.

If the rooms of your house are small in size, it is preferable to choose wallpaper with very small patterns, and the lines of the patterns are preferred, as they give an illusion of the large space, but if the rooms are large, it is okay to put wallpaper with large patterns.

3. Home furniture

Furniture plays an important role in designing home decor, and for that, you should consider several things when buying it:

When purchasing furniture, you must check each piece whether it is suitable for the room’s space, whether the color is appropriate for the color of the walls, paintings, and accessories.

Simple décor requires you to choose comfortable pieces of furniture and that the fabric should be plain or contain small patterns, and beware of buying bulky pieces of furniture if the house is small because they cause the place to be crowded and space-constrained.

4. Curtains

Curtains complement the home decor, but this does not mean that you buy them randomly, so you should pay attention to several points when buying them:

Before going to buy curtains, you should take a measurement of the windows of your house in order to choose the appropriate model and design. As for their color, it should match the color of the furniture mainly, then the color of the wall paint.

It is very important to take into account that the model of the curtains is compatible with the general design of the room, that is, if the room contains a lot of furniture, you must choose simple curtains and free of any decorations, but if the room is poorly furnished, you can choose huge or highly decorated curtains.

5. The accessory

Paintings, ornamental plants, antiques, crystals, carpets are all complementary accessories to the decor without which the design is deficient, and for that, consider the following points during the selection process:

If you have two identical pieces, such as two silver candlesticks, place them in a balanced and even manner, and in the same way place similar pieces of equal size.

Place the panels at a height of 160 cm. They must be color-matched with the color of wall paint and furniture, and they must be compatible with the overall decor.

It sufficed with only one decorative plant. As for the carpet, its color is preferred to match the color of the walls of the room and the furniture. As for its patterns, it is preferable to be small or without any patterns so that the house is more simple.

Final words

So If you want to change the decor of your home to make it simpler, use the previous tips that will help you choose a simple and comfortable decor at the same time.

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