Carpet Cleaner – Should I Choose Steam Cleaning Or Dry Chemical Cleaning?

Carpet Cleaner – Should I Choose Steam Cleaning Or Dry Chemical Cleaning?

Carpets or rugs work as a natural air filter in your office or home, trapping dirt, germs, and allergens from the environment and keeping them away from your lungs. Though, over time, these particles can build up stock, and then they out back into your home environment. Many people are not aware of this issue and suffer the many negative health effects without considering the simple cleaning solution.

Some people rent or buy their own steam carpet cleaner and used it to clean their carpets themselves. Though it is possible to steam clean the carpets yourself, it is a very hard and time taking task. It is better to hire a professional carpet cleaner to come to your home and clean the carpets.

Now the question is when your carpets or rugs need a good cleaning service, which cleaning method you should choose? To find the right answer we will take a close look at the advantages and disadvantages of steam or dry carpet cleaning systems. Hopefully, you will get a sense of which carpet cleaning system is best for the condition of your home carpets.

Advantages Of Dry Carpet Cleaning System

Dry cleaning is a process of cleansing clothes, carpets, or rags without using water. The dry cleaning system provides a deep cleansing influence by using cleaning agents to treat the fabric and eliminate dirt. In this process, the cleaning agents are brushed and spread into the fabric, and then removed along with all dust, oils, and other deposits that are embedded in the carpets. The dry cleaning process also protects the fabric from getting roughed and avoids future stains.

The dry cleaning system is very convenient for home used carpets or rugs. However, it is also good for office used carpets that have low traffic such as the carpets placed at the entranceway. Also, the dry carpet cleaning process is less expensive than steam carpet cleaning. It is a faster dry system that uses less moisture. Dry cleaning service only requires 30 minutes to an hour.

If you can’t rent the cleaning machine, there is a large range of powder cleaner available in the market that enhances the dry carpet cleaning process. The dry cleaning products contain ingredients that eliminate smells and effectively cleanse the carpets and then without difficulty vacuum away after setting for a short time.

You can also make carpet cleaning powder yourself. You just need to make a mixture of baking soda, cornstarch or cornmeal, borax, and cinnamon or bay leaves powder. All these ingredients contain the cleaning properties that can remove stains, smell, and dust from your carpets. You just have to sprinkle the cleaning powder on the carpets, let it sit for some time, and then vacuum away.

Disadvantages Of Dry Carpet Cleaning System

A dry-cleaning system works well in removing dust, smell, and stains, but when your carpets need deep cleaning, it may be not enough powerful to refresh and cleanse a carpet.

Dry cleaners may contain chemicals that can leave excess on the carpet or produce scents that cause allergies, so it is not good if you have babies who use to spend much time playing on the carpet.

After some days the carpet will likely to restore the dirt that will bother the carpet quality.

Advantages Of Steam Cleaning System

People who suffer from allergies or sensitivity to scents, steam carpet cleaning can be the best cleaning way to deep clean the home carpets. It is the best way to remove smell and an effective cleaning process to kill bacteria and eradicate dirt that produces bothersome scents.

Unlike the dry cleansers, steam cleaning would not contain materials that can leave excess on the carpet.

It is an effective cleaning process to remove stains and pet scents. It also improves the appearance of carpets. Steam cleaning is the most efficient way to clean the hallway carpets place in high traffic areas. When all other cleaning methods are unsuccessful, it is often the last solution that will offer complete satisfaction.

The steam cleaning method may add some moisture into the carpet, but much less moisture than if you wash your carpet to remove dust or refresh it.

Disadvantages Of Steam Cleaning System

You can’t use the steam cleaning process to clean your carpets at home, because the steam cleaning system usually requires powerful machinery, heavier and more difficult to carry as compared to a dry cleaning system.

After some days of using a steam cleaner, the dust removed from the carpet may seem to reappear on the surface. So the secondary steam cleaning may be required to have the best cleansing.

To remove stains with steam cleaning, it may be required to identify the age of the stain, how deep it has speared into the carpet, and how hard it is. As compared to dry cleaning steam cleaner may work well, but it is not completely effective at removing deep stains and hard spots.

Furthermore, the steam cleaning method can be used occasionally not frequently.


While finding a quality carpet cleaner, always remember that all carpet cleaning services are not created just as. Some key factors will help you to find a high-quality cleaning service.

The dry cleaner offers a deep, healthier, and faster carpet cleaning service. However, when you steam clean your carpet, it may take 1-2 days to get dry completely. So the steam cleaning may cause breeding for bacteria and mold. Moreover, the soapy residue on the fiber causes your carpet to get dirty much quicker.

For the best result, it is better to always choose a professional carpet cleaning service. As the carpets are a source of softness and comfort, therefore they need the right kind of care for creating a healthy environment and long-term durability. So it is important to maintain your carpet condition and protect them from getting stains and spots.

Furthermore, the professional carpets cleaning boost the life of your carpets as well as offer a lot of other health and household benefits.

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