Our Mission

Jackanda.Com is operated and owned by Zopura Group LTD Company, we are committed to providing the best home cleaning guides by exceeding the expectations of our readers. It’s our wish to make and maintain enjoyable and prosperous environments where our guides can thrive. 

We know the challenges to keep consistent quality in dynamic environments. This is why we’ve developed a perfect platform for you, where you can find trusted and perfect guides about carpet cleaning and housekeeping.

Here, we consider it our high responsibility to provide full support and valuable contributions to the quality of people’s lives beyond the range. The role that a safe, clean, and hygienic environment plays in making everyone happy can’t be underestimated.

Our Goal at jackanda.com ❤️

Our goal at Jackanda.Com is to make our readers live healthier and better. We know life is too short for house cleaning. We are a team of professionals and our goal is to provide our readers useful tips and tricks to keep your house beautiful and sparkling so that you can focus on things that matter most in your personal lives, like your family and friends.

Not only our goal is to provide our readers with a clean home, but also we do our part to keep the earth clean too. We focus on providing information about earth-friendly cleaning, material, and techniques that are environmentally responsible or sustainable. We’re one of few in this field who do this.

Accuracy Of Our Jobs

To ensure we get it right, Jackanda.Com works deeply with a qualified expert and follows all through editing and fact-checking complete protocol before publishing. Our published content is periodically reviewed and fact-checked to make sure the info provided is fair, accurate, and up to date.
In addition to regularly consulting our health and home experts for analysis and insights, we also rely on the expertise of our in-house analysts, cleaning experts in the Jackanda.Com institute.

With Jackanda.Com you can breathe smoothly in your home after working on our home cleaning guides:

Carpet Cleaning – of entire the furnishing in a house, the carpet and rug experience the most direct traffic which highly contributes to dust and dirt acclamation and usual wear and tears. It’s vital to keep the carpet shampooer to clean it and well maintained to not only keep it looking sparkling but also to boost its long life. We recommend carpet in a house should be cleaned once or twice each year, it is depending on the amount of foot traffic in your house. Although, there’re several types of equipments available to clean carpets we recommend Bissell and rugs doctor.

Vacuuming and dusting – Along with the help of a vacuum cleaner, you’ll be capable to save both energy and time. In fact, you’ll be capable to get the best experience when compared to a usual broom. If it takes1hr for you to clean a specific space, you’ll be capable to cut that down to just 5 minutes with the help of a vacuum cleaner. We also advise you to dust the closet organizer system every month to keep in a new shape. Because it’s the most using spot you use on daily basis. And clean fitted wardrobes will not only increase wardrobe life but also healthy for the inside air.

Healthier home – living in a neat and clean environment is vital to your physical health also your general sense of comfort. Did you know that a single germ can grow into over 8 million in one day? In addition, to keeping bacteria multiplying, regular cleaning discourages bugs form sharing your living sectors. You can breather smoothly in a neat and freshly cleaned home, particularly if your family members have an allergic issue. Through cleaning can decrease the dust mites of the main reason for allergic problems.

Our Vision at jackanda.com

We believe everybody has the full right to live and work in a safe, clean, and healthy environment. And we believe it is vital to look after people.
Our professionals are the key to our vision of cleaning, focusing on the accuracy of the knowledge, not speed. We’re very reliable and provide our readers with the very best upholstery cleaners with attention and details.

Why Jackanda.Com ? ❤️

We’re a team of professionals, experts in home cleaning, dusting, vacuuming, and healthier home, and so on. So guides here we provide are fully accurate and completely tested. Which makes us the leading number in this field.

we know Living in a clean and uncultured environment helps to decrease distractions and enhance concentration – 2 very important factors for teenagers with homework assignments or even adults working in a home. A clean and healthy environment also lowers tension and contributes to a positive outlook on life.